Fat is not your enemy !

Everyone's aim nowadays is to reduce fat. Fat is treated like an enemy. Do you know why fat is used in soap? Because the only thing that can remove fat is fat itself. Yes, the right kind of fat, in the right amount is great for your metabolism; and its no secret that good metabolism = effortless calorie burning.

Good fat can be found in foods like raw nuts, avocado, olive oil, fish and many other sources. When exposed to heat or cooking, good fat transforms into bad one. Thus, its important to stick with natural uncooked and unprocessed forms of fat.

Another factor to consider is how you eat fat. The hormone responsible for fat storage is called insulin and it is usually triggered into action by sugars and carbs. Thus, if you eat fat with carbs (especially simple carbs that the body can instantly break down to sugar) chances are you will gain weight from fat. If you keep your insulin levels under check while your eating fat and instead of consuming fat with carbs eat fat with protein instead you lower the chances of storing the fat and increase your metabolic rate. The trick and the secret lies with Insulin, a hormone that is both needed for muscle building yet also it’s the very hormone responsible for fat storage.

Fat is thus not as bad as you think. Fat rich foods also curb your appetite much faster than tons of carbs. They also are essential for the many body functions and they are what makes your skin glow and build your immune system against diseases. You must never exclude good fat from your diet, you just need to educate yourself more about how to consume fat, how fat interacts with other substances and how your body process fat.