Calorie Burn Calculator for Every Health Conscious Person

Are you really health conscious? Most of us who consider ourselves knowledgeable about health may not have answers to questions regarding weight gain and weight loss. Taking anything seriously may keep you on the alert but no problem can be solved until and unless you maintain this seriousness all along !

Human weight increases or decreases depending on the energy stored and energy spent through various activities throughout the day. Every cell requires energy without the sufficiency of which it will perform poorly and may eventually die. Now if energy intake exceeds the required amount, it is stored in the body tissues to a certain extent and the rest accumulates in and around adipose tissues (fat).

While gaining weight is a threat to our health and beauty as well, merely performing periodical weight checkups will not do the trick for you. You must measure the amount of energy you are spending everyday through your daily activities. There's simply no way around that. The amount of energy is calculated with respect to a unit called calorie. It is also measured in joule and kilojoule.

1 Calorie stands for 4.2 Joules. Each time you do any activity like walking, running, sitting, talking over the phone, climbing the stairway and even sleeping, your body burns calories; and there's a way to find out how much calories it burns.

Calorie Burn Calculator can be considered your friendly device which you do not neet to carry with you or remember to charge it.

All complex calorie calculations performed by this simple calorie burn calculator can be held anytime at the tip of your finger. If you're thinking weight control, think Calorie burn calculator. Calorie burn calculator takes various inputs about your physical status and activities to provide you with accurate information about the calories your body burns throughout your daily activites (no matter what activity you do).

This will help you make decisions about the kind of exercise and physical activity you can do to keep your body weight under control (and it doesn't have to be a sports activity by the way) or how much calories you have to cut down from your daily intake to stay in shape.

Every food you eat has a certain calorie measurement. Once you know your average daily caloric consumption and parallel that with knowledge about your average daily calorie burning, you set your foot on the right path to achieving your health and fitness goals.You may end up loosing weight by simply doing more of an activity you like and already do and never knew it burns this much calories; but avoid the activity of talking too much though (it can be annoying to those around you and even cost you few friends) !

Going from heavy or extra heavy to normal is more simple and scientific than you think. It is as simple as burning more calories than you consume.

Calorie burn calculator is more compact than any other similar calculators available online. Simply enter your weight, height, gender, age, activity, duration and intensity of activity, and the result will display instantly without even the press of a button.